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Blackboard 9 – Collaborative Learning

December 16, 2009 1 comment
Learn how to make use of Blackboard and complimentary Web 2.0 tools to enhance collaborative learning.
  • How to set up and organize teams in Bb.
  • Options for using wikis within/outside of Blackboard.
  • How to use a specific collaborative tool (EtherPad).

Wikis and Wetpaint

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment
This screencast explains what a wiki is and how to use Wetpaint to create a wiki.  The screencast was created for a collaborative project in a course taught by David Wicks.
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Delicious links for 2008-07-12

Good article on how our reading habits may be changing by the way we use the Internet.

(tags: academic computers future information internet learning online online_learning reference research brain google)

Free screen reader for the web that doesn’t require new software to be downloaded.

(tags: accessibility free reader screenreader text-to-speech web web2.0)

Wiki dedicated to helping people use SPSS.

(tags: reference software spss statistics wiki)

New website from Intel that helps people choose and use their computer.

(tags: computer computers hardware help learning pc reference Technology tutorials)

Teachers use wikis instead of textbooks and talk about their experience.

(tags: K-12 wiki textbook)

ANGEL Learning Management System announces project where they will integrate their LMS with Second Life.

(tags: higher_ed Second_Life virtual_worlds)

Some may not like wikipedia but these researchers do.

(tags: web_2.0 wiki Wikipedia wikis)

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