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Snow Day eLearning Tools

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment


The Seattle Pacific University Dean’s Cabinet asked me to put together a list of eLearning tools that faculty can use if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather. Instructional Technology Services provides training and support for all of these tools. In most cases, there are already professors in each school using these tools. Here is a quick summary:

  • Discussions
    • Asynchronous: Blackboard Discussion Board, VoiceThread
    • Synchronous: Wimba Pronto Basic (Blackboard), Adobe Connect, Skype
  • Assessments: Blackboard Quizzes, Tests, Surveys, Grade Center
  • Documents, Video & Audio Content: Blackboard
  • Collaboration
    • Asynchronous: Blackboard Wikis, Blogs, Groups
    • Synchronous:, Google Docs
  • Lectures, Presentations, Screencasts
    • Asynchronous: Camtasia Relay, Adobe Presenter
    • Synchronous: Adobe Connect, Skype

ITS also provides scanning and audio/video digitizing services. Although I hope we don’t find ourselves in an emergency that forced us to use these tools, the raised awareness may lead faculty to experiment and find out that these tools are useful for everyday teaching and learning.

Michelle and Luke build a snowman

December 22, 2008 Leave a comment
Michelle and Luke built a snowman in our front yard during another snowy day.  We’ve been snowed in for almost a week.  During that time, we walked to the grocery store once and went another time with a neighbor who had chains and front wheel drive.  When it snows in Seattle, it usually melts by the next day so the City’s snow removal equipment is only used on the main streets.  This wasn’t a good year for last minute Christmas shoppers.  Looks like I’ll be cutting pictures out of a catalog to wrap up.
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Luke sleds down our street

December 14, 2008 Leave a comment
Luke had fun this morning riding our neighbor’s sled.  After much practice, he got pretty good at steering even though he almost hit me and then Ben (who used to ride the same sled in the 1960s) in this video clip.
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