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Increasing teaching presence in online, blended, and f2f learning

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Demand for both effectiveness and flexibility in the delivery of course material becomes increasingly complex as the student population changes and as courses incorporate more online components. Instructors can use Camtasia Relay to easily record lecture material and make screencasts available to students anytime, in multiple formats (design). Instructors can increase teaching presence through recorded lectures (direct instruction), along with opportunities to interact on in-class assignments and provide feedback to students (facilitation). We’ll describe how faculty at SPU are using screen recording to supplement face-to-face lectures, how this technology can enhance blended learning courses, and how screencasts can be used to engage students in the online classroom.

Part 1 – David Wicks provides an overview of how to use Camtasia Relay. (12:39)

Part 2 – Baine Craft shares how he uses Camtasia Relay for face-to-face and online learning. (13:22)

Part 3 – Geri Mason shares how she uses Camtasia Relay for blended learning. (13:40)

Presentation (PDF)

Screencast Introduction to my Teaching with Tech Course – Warts and All

January 8, 2012 2 comments

I use Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Relay to make screencasts of syllabi for my online courses. Recording a syllabus is a good use of my time for a couple of reasons. First, a syllabus screencast cuts down on student frustration and the number of questions I get asked during the first week of class.  I try hard to put all my thoughts in a Word document but students seem to understand better when they can both read and hear me explain it.  Second, I usually find mistakes that need correcting. Some I mention while recording (e.g. miscounted points on an assignment rubric). Some I make a note of and fix later (e.g. forgot to give credit to Garrison for using a remix of his Practical Inquiry Model diagram. [pdf]  Oops!)  Speaking of Garrison, I hope that I am demonstrating good teaching presence by offering this resource to my students. I think it demonstrates good course design, instruction, and even facilitation. Anyway, if you are interested, here is a screencast of my syllabus, warts and all.

Planning and Implementing an Affordable and Scalable Content Capture Solution

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Presentation by David Wicks and Cris Guenter at the 2009 MERLOT International Conference in San Jose

As blended and distance learning have grown in popularity so has the need for content or lecture capture solutions which allow professors to record and upload direct instructional activities. During these challenging economic times institutions must give special consideration to cost and scalability when selecting a solution.

In this session, participants will examine the Content Capture Comparison Matrix which provides a list of features necessary for scalable content capture. The session will conclude with discussion about implementation strategies such as how to integrate the system with an institutions Course Management System.

content capture solutions slides pdf_icon_sm

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