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Google+ as a Tool for Collaborative Learning

December 14, 2012 2 comments

Emerging Technology in Online Learning Symposium
Las Vegas, NV. July 26, 2012

Lead Presenter: Karissa Locke (Google, US)
Tess Milligan (Google, US)
Mark Green (Simpson College, US)
David Wicks (Seattle Pacific University, US)
Courtney Step (Seattle Pacific University, US)
Kami Cottrell (Seattle Pacific University, US)

Hear from professors and students pioneering the use of Google+ for collaborative learning, discuss best practices, and leave equipped to enhance your Google experience with Google+.

Original version of video posted on YouTube by Karissa Locke.

Is Google making us stupid? – The response

March 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Trent Batson defends Google and Web 2.0 technologies in his response to the popular Nicholas Carr aricle “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

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Delicious links for 2008-07-12

Good article on how our reading habits may be changing by the way we use the Internet.

(tags: academic computers future information internet learning online online_learning reference research brain google)

Free screen reader for the web that doesn’t require new software to be downloaded.

(tags: accessibility free reader screenreader text-to-speech web web2.0)

Wiki dedicated to helping people use SPSS.

(tags: reference software spss statistics wiki)

New website from Intel that helps people choose and use their computer.

(tags: computer computers hardware help learning pc reference Technology tutorials)

Teachers use wikis instead of textbooks and talk about their experience.

(tags: K-12 wiki textbook)

ANGEL Learning Management System announces project where they will integrate their LMS with Second Life.

(tags: higher_ed Second_Life virtual_worlds)

Some may not like wikipedia but these researchers do.

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