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Planning and Implementing an Affordable and Scalable Content Capture Solution

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

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Presentation by David Wicks and Cris Guenter at the 2009 MERLOT International Conference in San Jose

As blended and distance learning have grown in popularity so has the need for content or lecture capture solutions which allow professors to record and upload direct instructional activities. During these challenging economic times institutions must give special consideration to cost and scalability when selecting a solution.

In this session, participants will examine the Content Capture Comparison Matrix which provides a list of features necessary for scalable content capture. The session will conclude with discussion about implementation strategies such as how to integrate the system with an institutions Course Management System.

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Can podcasts replace the professor?

March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

iTunes U and the classroom: Can podcasts replace Professors? pdf_18x18

This study compared the test results of students who listened to a lecture in class with students who listened to a podcast of the lecture. Both groups had access to a PowerPoint presentation used by the lecturer.  The mean test score of those listening to the podcast were higher. The researchers attribute this to the students’ ability to pause and replay. Also, students who took notes while listening to the podcasts scored significantly higher than their in-class counter-parts. 

Does this mean we can replace professors or eliminate face-to-face lectures?  No, the study only provides evidence that students may learn declaritive content better when they have the ability to control playback.  It doesn’t account for the student-to-professor or student-to-student interaction that may take place during a face-to-face lecture.  

The study does help  justify the hard work of professors like Ben McFarland who record lectures and make them available to students on Seattle Pacific University’s  iTunes U site. Podcasting is a lot of work.  Therefore, if we truly believe students benefit from podcasts we need to find ways to make podcasting easier to do.  SPU is now using Camtasia Relay to make content-casting easier.  Professors can record both audio and what is on the computer display with only a few clicks.  Profiles are then used to determine where the content is posted after the lecture is completed. 

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Seven things to know about lecture capture technology

The Educause ELI initiative does a great job of providing a quick two-page summary of lecture capture technology. They list three important benefits of tools such as Techsmith’s Camtasia Relay: 1) A help for students who have to miss class for excused reasons: 2) An opportunity to review content that may be difficult to understand during a single exposure; and 3) Easy-to-produce online course content.

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